Basic of Digital Marketing

How marketing doesn’t begin after you are ready with your product. The journey starts way before that. It begins the day you find a need in the market that you can fulfill with your services. Like every other great thing in the world, Marketing is also pretty simple actually. You speak to needs and demands, and your customer reaches out to you. But it will be stupidity if you make a product/service which is fulfilling and satisfying, but people do not know about it. It’s like making a fantastic app but not launching it.

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How to add google people card

For the millions of influencers, entrepreneurs, prospective employees, self-employed individuals, freelancers, or anyone else out there who wants to be discovered, we hope this new Search feature will help the world find them. For people in India searching on mobile phones, people cards are rolling out in English.

Sync Data of 2 Google Sheets

How to merge Google Sheets data

As everyone is working from home, we are suppose to make reports and presentations so we tend to have a lot of google sheets with various data in each and so this was a problem faced by me as well, so thought to fix this using some google functions. I came across a function which connects 2 or more than it with one single spreadsheet where all your data is present.

List of 500+ high domain authority profile creation

500+ List of Dofollow High Domain Authority Profile Creation 2020

Profile creation is basically the base and fundamental activity of the off page search engine marketing or SEO for getting your website on the top pages of google. So when you start working on building the backlink to improve the ranking of your keywords so we need to create High Authority profile Creation with Do Follow. So it is not like you need backlink but we need high authority profile creation.

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What factors are affecting On-Page SEO

So if you’re reading this article it means you might have already read about the article on Basic SEO Reference Guide which was for On-Page. So after that, the first thing that comes in our mind is that I have done my basic on-page work. What we always forget about some small factors that Google takes into consideration like there are micro signals that it considers.

Basic SEO Reference Guide | On-Page SEO

So if you reading this its probably you have a website and a lot of questions with it. So don’t worry, being in this field for the past 4 years. I understand you are not all alone, it becomes difficult to understand and also it can be confusing a lot of times.
I know SEO being a very big topic but as we know taking smaller steps would help us achieve big targets in the later stages. So I have noted some of the basic steps to improve the site’s visibility with the major search engines like Google, Bing, Yandex, Ask, Yahoo, etc.