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Hemant Shah


I, Hemant Shah started exploring the technical world since my school days. My curious heart enjoyed playing around with my PC and making mistakes that could lead my PC into a dead state.  And so, I used to call up my uncle, a software engineer to fix it and teach me how he did it. He never got bored of my irritating questions or repeated trouble that i gave him.

Eventually, I started to implement all the new things he taught me by helping my friends fix their PC, Booting new OS, or software problems.

As I grew, I started learning more about programming languages and developing new skill sets like HTML, CSS, C, Java, Photoshop, and much more. I also started rooting phones, building custom ROM and kernels on XDA.

Here I made a small team where we used to help all the people on XDA to make their custom profile signature and learned more about advanced tool options in photoshop and adobe Illustrator. Looking at the success and great reviews, I encourage my team to create custom Icon Packs on Android OS and we launched our first Android app in 2013. Call it a beginners luck but our app was a great success. Eventually our team started getting more popular and our apps started earning on google play store. We increased the team size from 3 members to 11 members. We continued working and help each other.

When the time came to decide on a career path, it was a no brainer for me. I instantly knew i wanted to become an Engineer. I knew this journey would not only sharpen my own skills but also teach me so much more. I was not very good in theory subjects and written paper but when it came to practicals, i knew I was the best. I tried engaging myself more with the college council and take part in organizing the technical fest. My best friend (Sanket Shah) and I, organized an event called  as Raaftastic. If it wouldn’t be for our seniors, this event was doomed. I realized that there was still so much more to learn. But this event helped me making more contacts and connection with our senior class and people started recognizing me for my talents.

Raaftastic SAKEC Event Hemant Shah and Sanket Shah

Later when my new senior friends wanted to make an android application for the college fest, they straight away approached me and with in 2-3 days I gave them what they needed. This opportunity got me close to my senior friends, Ronak Parikh and Omkar Pai. Who knew we would come such a long way then.

They were a part of student council and head of some student chapters. They used to conduct training sessions and workshop for other students. One day, we decided to conduct a training session to reach out to the online community in our college. Soon we started training students in other college chapters as well. Looking at the response, Omkar suggested, “lets make something for the industry”. We all liked the idea and got to work. Being the technical partner, i started designing and developing a website while Ronak managed the Marketing Aspect. He got us new corporate clients and we registered our company – Gfxbandits IT Solutions LLP as a partnership company AKA Techinfinity Our focus was to help college students and corporate workers in their  needs of making custom solution. We developed this company to provide complete IT Solutions and now we are a Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai that helps everyone on getting their business online. Our 15 Members team has become more like a family to me.

We now help many big corporates like Indian Navy, Yes Bank, Indian Oil, MumbaiLive, DY Patil, Granules and Beans.

As the world was hit by this horrifying pandemic of COVID-19 and lockdown was enforced. I thought this would be a great opportunity for me to start a blog and share my knowledge as much as i can as Internet space is being used a lot. I thus started working on ‘ITEdvantage’, my blog which provides a complete online tutorial related to Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Tips and Tricks, News, and Updates on Digital Marketing related to SEO.

So this is my short story of how I reached here and where I come from. Along with this by end of 2020, I want to master the skills of data analysis, user behaviour on various platforms like Ecommerce, News, Colleges or any SME Business

By the end of 2022 I’ll have more 1M Quarterly users on ITEdvantage which is currently running at 100k per Quarter. To Achieve this already started my journey with Digital Deepak Internship Program.

“Growth is a by-product of visibility